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When approached by the production to play the titular dual role, Massey did think about the offer for a while."This was very different from what I did before.

They worked really hard to get some kind of show that was going to sell, and at the end it caved in. I don’t think I’m bad looking, but I certainly don’t think I’m the best looking. Zoe Saldana was lying there with her eyes closed, and the devil-worshipping older woman got all wet-lipped and zeroed into her like me when a two-pound lobster is delivered to the table.

Robbie Amell (above) is 28, James Mac Avoy is 37, John Cameron Mitchell is 53, Robert Smith is 57, Patti Lu Pone is 67, and Queen Elizabeth is 90. Sadly, Will’s gaydar is in the shop, and it doesn’t help that he goes to straight bud Avery for gay dating tips. It turns out that Brian is actually hetero, so Will is left to handle things himself …

, after finally coming to terms with the fact that he lost Kevin (sadly, it looks like Kyle Dean Massey’s appearance last week was a one-shot), Will is ready to get back into the dating game, and he sets his sights on hot Clark Kent-ish backup singer Brian. I don’t think I could see a Will and Brian onscreen without thinking of Sonny (#Wil Son or #Bronny forever!

And I'm interested in moving toward that direction, away from those boyish roles."Massey arrived in Korea in early February and rehearsed with the current cast who were already playing in other Korean cities before its Seoul run started on March 8.

"I rehearsed for a week in Gyeongju, a week in Gwangju and about a week and half here in Seoul,” he said, mentioning three and a half week is a luxurious amount.

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