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Our goal is to have the most comprehensive, up-to-date database listing possible but to achieve that we need your help!So please add your Tokai in the Registry because more information about these guitars is a benefit to us all.It may sound like a cliché but you need to be at one with the guitar for the inspiration to flow.

The Tokai Guitar Registry was created to help identify manufacture dates and model makes of all Tokai guitars.

To get the best possible experience, it is therefore important that you’ve done some research and decided on what kind of model you’re looking for.

In this feature we’ll look at a handful of models with David Gilmour’s tones in mind. You are the musician and the guitar is the tool you use to express your feelings and music.

“At this price, the well-designed,well-constructed Michael Kelly Forte Port, loaded with top-rate Fishman® electronics, is a bargain that cost-conscious guitarists should seriously consider.

Buying a new guitar is a considerable investment for most of us.

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I believe that kcbuck can provide a valuation for you, if you can better describe the guitar.i.e.; What model is it, what features, and in what condition is it?

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