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Moss has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007 and as of 2013 is UNICEF Australia’s National Ambassador for Child Survival, and has visited Australian hospitals, maternity wards and schools as well as Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon in her UNICEF role.In 2015 she was announced as Patron of the Full Stop Foundation for Rape & Domestic Violence Services and launched the foundation at Parliament House.“I love the way the whole town gets behind the festival and makes it a special experience, from the locals and shop owners to the dancers, kids and Elvis Tribute Artists,” she said.“This year my husband and I are covering the festival again for my Victory blog, where I celebrate all things vintage.“He is a wonderful photographer and I love to write about it.“The Parkes Elvis Festival is a great experience for vintage nerds like myself.”Of course Tara said her favourite Elvis song would have to be Can’t Help Falling In Love.To almost all of us, Christmas is associated with the crush of shopping centres, the disorder of overcrowded supermarkets and the overindulgence of our taste buds and tummies.But in spite of all its shortcomings, the ‘silly season’ may actually be better for your wellness than you think.We’ve come nearly every year since, though this is my first year opening the festival. A: I love the cosplay and steampunk communities, and Ironfest attracts a broad and talented spectrum of enthusiasts.The work on display is always creative and impressive and it makes for a fun environment, too. A: I enjoy talking with other cosplayers about their outfits and how they put them together.

With her husband, Berndt Sellheim - a philosopher, poet and novelist - and their large dogs Beauvoir, Camus and Leroy, she leads me into the old tearooms they've made home and I gasp again.She is currently executive producer, co-writer and host of Cyberhate, coming to ABC TV in 2017, examining the phenomenon of online abuse.Since 1999 she has written 11 bestselling books, published in 19 countries and 13 languages, including the Mak Vanderwall crime fiction series and the Pandora English paranormal series.The best-selling author, journalist and UNICEF ambassador (among other things) has become a familiar face around the Ironfest circuit in recent years.She has recently launched a Youtube channel that will be of particular interest to people making their own Ironfest outfits. The Lithgow Mercury asks how Tara first became involved: A: We first came to Ironfest six years ago, shortly after our daughter was born. We loved the Ironfest community, the environment and the incredible DIY cosplay, historical and steampunk outfits.

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Q: Are there any particular entertainments that particularly appeal to you this year?

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