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When the patch is released--Ubisoft has not yet provided a date for it--players who've finished the game and conquered all the outposts will be given the "reset outposts" option from the gameplay options menu.Any incomplete side quests will also be reset, and the outpost will have to be retaken before these can be accessed.The master difficulty will make the game's wildlife more aggressive and its pirates tougher."Worse than malaria," says the description for master difficulty in the game's menus--perhaps that's a sly reference to Far Cry 2? "This is an ambitious and finely tuned adventure that gets better and better as you play," said reviewer Kevin Van Ord at the time.

The Redmond-based company planned to have Windows Server 2008 entering the extended, paid support in January 2013, but it has made a change to this timeframe, pushing the date back to January 15th, 2015.

This means that the platform will benefit from two more years of free, mainstream support, and it will benefit from extended until 2020.

All these changes are visible on the company's support website.

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  1. The band has performed in more than half the contiguous United States in venues ranging from house shows to festivals. The band was honored to open the second day of performances at the 2011 Houston Free Press Summerfest, which featured headliner Weezer later that night.

  2. He started out as a contestant for Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines when he was still three years old, eventually becoming a regular member of the noontime show.

  3. And we meet a robot built to be so sentient that its creators hope it will one day have a consciousness, and a life, all its own. Growth and evolution instead of production and design 1. It would also be interesting see how the Turing test stands up to a less sophisticated first grader. I'm sad you guys didn't touch on Watson, the Jeopardy experiment! In 1998 I was an Air Force cadet with the 520th training wing at Cornell. ...there was a trilogy of movies you may have seen called The Matrix that played with some of those ideas..." Yawn... i won't ruin the ending for people who haven't seen it, but he does get quite attached to it, even though he knows it's a robot, at a certain point he forgets or at least becomes convinced that it doesn't matter that she's not human.