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~ - Transfer to the traditional Karelian village of Kinerma. Their contact, Konstantin Simonov provided a very high standard of support from first e mail contact to face to face meeting in Karelia.Lunch is served at the refectory and includes typical monastery meals such as vegetarian soup and fish. We wouldn't hesitate to book another Nordic Travel tour.Three years into a conflict that would last more than two decades, Peter sanctioned the building of a new town on the shores of Lake Onega to be used as an iron foundry for much-needed weaponry for his northern fleets.

But Petrozavodsk is also the victim of the blander sides of Soviet construction, and visitors venturing off the main streets and squares — which resemble St.

Marriott Royal/Hotel Budapest to Manezh Ploshchad Part 2 Stops 14 though 22. Along Tverskaya Street to the area around Puskin Square Part 4 Stops 45 though 48. Peter's Monastery and back MAP Travel in Russia planes, trains and automobiles Trans-Siberian Trains information to get you started on your journey Stops along the Trans-Siberian Route places to stop along the way Russian Language and Culture The Alphabet Books, Tapes and other Resources Basic Words Superstitions Ukraine Ukraine Info Page Contents General Information Location Weather Daylight Getting There Tourist Information Valaam Petrozavodsk and Kizhi Solovetsky Archipelago and the White Sea area Alexander Svir Monastery History Note: Church of the Transfiguration and the Kizhsky Pogost complex Back to top General information Location The Republic of Karelia is located in the northwest part of the Russian Federation.

It occupies 180,500 square kilometers (1.06% of the total territory of Russia) and has a populartion of about 800,000.

This is perhaps the best map of the area to be found on the internet.

- Visit churches at Kizhi, Valaam and on the Solovetsky islands - Take a walk in Ruskeala marble canyon and Kivach Reserve - Learn about the White Sea - Baltic Canal - Taste local food in the historical village of Kinerma ~ () - Arrival in Petrozavodsk by train from St. Meeting at the train station, transfer to the hotel. ~ - Visit the central Transfiguration Cathedral, the Church of the Resurrection, observe fairy-tale Gethsemane Skete, and enjoy the beautiful forests and lake landscapes of the Island. The tour of Karelia was everything we expected and more. Our guide Alyssa was knowledgeable, patient and quick to lend a helping hand when needed.

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