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It might mean swimming against the tide – leaving more money in the bank so you can sleep at night, or renting instead of buying. Sometimes the person who’s telling you you’re doing it all wrong is someone who’s very close to you. It’s time to start taking action – run a retirement calculator and see how much you have versus how much you need."A lot of people have trouble there." One of the best ways to make sure you're doing this is to start tracking your spending — simply watching where your money goes for a few months, before making any changes to how much or where you spend.You can do it automatically through an app like Mint or You Need a Budget, or you can get more granular with a spreadsheet.But soon she brought the crowd around to the virtues of boundaries, planning and delayed gratification.“Once you start planning, and get the numbers down on the page, things may not be as bad as you think they are,” said Chatzky, giving a packed room some hope.

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money clip, and this time I’m proud to show off the contents of personal finance expert and author, Jean Chatzky‘s bag!

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