Dating guy shorter than you

A lot of girls feel like it’s weird to date a guy who’s shorter than them.

His mate, for instance, once came onto me by highlighting my boyfriend’s height and talking about how he himself would go to the gym all the time and happened to be 6ft. I think the phrase, ‘You’re a c**t’ was also used, by me.Although my ex Nino is about the same height as me but walks around with an attitude that makes him seem taller. If I ever have to go through that dating crap again, I'm thinking someone about bellybutton height would be ideal.So I guess it just depends on how you carry yourself. We could just skip the "small talk," (No pun intended) and getting aquainted crap, and head right for... *B*I*N*G*O* When I was younger and used to go to the doctor for checkups, they would tell me I was 5'7". The bad news is that I'm shrinking, but the good news is that this question is quickly becoming an non-issue for me.As a very short girl, I understand that a big height difference in a relationship can be awkward.I can also understand how devastated I would be if I found out a guy I liked wouldn’t date me because of how short I am.

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