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You can also delete the entire folder mentioned below – either method works on AOL 10.0 Desktop but not on AOL 9.0 VR, which I need to play around with a bit more.The full path to the file on a Windows PC should look something like this: C: Program Files Common Files AOL1144194954eeservicessoftware Updateve r1_13_8_3 On older versions of AOL like 9.0 VR you can try deleting anotify.exe, which might stop the white auto-update nag above the system tray but will not stop AOL from notifying you the old fashioned way that it wants to update – by covering your AOL window with a huge “now or later” nag with some buttons on it to click for “now” or “later”.A young lady from Los Angeles emailed me this week asking, “Are you familiar with these invasive AOL updates? ” I test AOL’s software for my blog, so the answer is, “Yes and yes”.One nearly fool-proof method to make AOL’s forced updates stop is to delete the file.

There’s a very good reason for which the phishers have deployed this technique.

visa international has also teamed up with aol to bundle a cash card for teens.

and, for the first time ever, apple's quicktime will be included with aol 9.0 alongside the stalwart realmedia and windows media software already in place.

cnet has its ever-reliable report on the subject if you're so inclined.

let's get this out in the open: i'm not an aol user, never have been, and i don't like the service. it seems to be a magnet for internet idiots, that's why.

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