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Yes, but I contribute alot to forums and stuff, so… Okay, okay, long story short – yes, it’s perfectly possible!But as hardcore sysadmins, we always come across the question of “Why” it will work, and whether it will break anything if we do some quickfix which someone like Kelvin here suggested, and also who to blame if it doesn’t work, and whether Kelvin is liable should we some Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with our clients, blah blah. Here, let me introduce what we’re going to solve today.

Given carbon monoxide regulation varies throughout the UK for both the private and social housing sector, it can be difficult to fully comprehend which regulations apply to whom.

Whilst social housing providers are exempt from this carbon monoxide legislation, the best practice is to implement the same level of protection for tenants as the private market.

This is with particular consideration of the high percentage of vulnerable tenants in social housing, and also given the likelihood of this discrepancy between social and private legislation being resolved in the future.

This is in addition to understanding the difference between legal requirements and recommended best practice.

In light of this, here is an overview -with additional infographics - to simplify how CO regulations vary throughout the UK according to location, type of accommodation and specific appliance installed.

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