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This means that they use a dating site to meet locals and singles just like you in St Albans.Therefore, you can find your next date fast just by chatting and flirting online in the UK.He lived in Roman Britain, but little is known about his religious affiliations, socioeconomic status or citizenship.Sometime in the 3rd or 4th century, Christians began to suffer "cruel persecution." Alban met a Christian priest fleeing from "persecutors" and sheltered him in his house for a number of days.

According to the most elaborate version of the tale found in Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People, Alban lived in Verulamium, sometime during the 3rd or 4th century (see dating controversy below), but some authors, on the basis that Gildas says he crosses the Thames before his martyrdom, place his residence and martyrdom in London.A father of four, Jason now works as a bouncer and helps out in drug workshops and in the fight against drug and gun crime. Tickets are £15 per person and include free champagne and a buffet. Well ladies, rejoice, because a restaurant in St Albans has introduced a new policy where women can sneakily remove themselves from their shit tinder dates, without sounding rude or spinning the ‘flaming cat’ spiel.The plan, the first of its kind and once which should probably be standard procedure in places of wining and dining (potential battlegrounds for daters), has been brought in at The Brickyard in St Albans and seems to be going down a treat.

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The prince gave orders for Roman soldiers to make a strict search of Alban's house.

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