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We've seen it with Microsoft Office, which is shifting its model from boxed software to a subscription-based service available via the Internet.

With the Office 365 service, customers pay their /month (or more if they're a business) and get access to all the Office apps they want on phones, PCs, tablets, and pretty much everything else, straight up.

Beyond controller support, the latest Steam client fixes several issues, including one that could cause the client to hang when the computer wakes from sleep mode.

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This weeks event for the EF will be Planetside 2 (for the PC)! However, I was on the fence about it and started Youtube searching videos about it to get an idea of how it worked and I ended up coming across Joe’s review of it, and after seeing how bad it was I completely 180’d on buying it. Like, for a free-to-play game it has honestly gone above and beyond what you’d expect. What clip, or highlight, best sums you up as a streamer?

As you may know, Planetside 2 used to be supported within the AJSA in the past, thus a lot of our players still have their old characters on the same server. To this day, if I ever have the chance to speak to Joe, I would thank him for saving me the money from buying that game. What types of games do you typically like to play/stream? And now they got that open world area coming out like something out of Destiny! : I’ve set my setup a bit better since then but I feel this clip does sum it up a bit. : So get this, Beanees and Weenies only come in 7.5 ounce cans. How a board game company defined video game ads, the hackers and modders behind the next Sonic game, oral history of Tales From the Borderlands, Spelunky creator's next project, Horizon Zero Dawn DLC dated, three new Persona spin offs announced, Gamespot interviews Fullbright Company on Gone Home's success and environmental storytelling, Final Fantasy VII retrospective, Total War Warhammer update balances units and old campaign factions, Tacoma as a critique of capitalism and crunch time, Hironobu Sakaguchi's six year eight game plan, Devolver publishing a Call of Duty documentary, Shadow of War online mode and game currency explained, Ni No Kuni 2 special edition and season pass, Overwatch players mourn Roadhog as Summer event starts, and more.

No matter how you slice it, Microsoft is losing the latest round in its video game console war with Sony.

Both the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony Play Station 4 launched in the November of 2013.

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That includes old standbys like Word and Excel, alongside new and neat experimental apps like the Gig Jam work-sharing app.

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