Ancient polyploidization predating divergence of the cereals all friends dating site turkey

Our results suggest that paleopolyploidy was widespread and played an important role in the evolution of rice.Paleopolyploidy is the result of genome duplications which occurred at least several million years ago (MYA).In , only about 32% of duplicated genes have been retained in sister duplicated regions derived of polyploidy (Blanc et al. The loss and retention of polyploidy-derived duplicated genes are nonrandom and related to function.In , genes involved in transcriptional regulation and signal transduction have been preferentially retained and genes involved in DNA repair have been preferentially lost (Blanc and Wolfe 2004; Seoighe and Gehring 2004). (2006) found that some gene families have convergent fates in independent WGD events, such as enrichments of myb-like and protein kinase families in plants. However, the evolutionary impact of this WGD has yet to be elucidated.Genes involved in synthesis and catabolism of saccharides were found to be preferentially retained in rice, reflecting different trajectories of duplicated genes formed by polyploidy between rice and .Further studies demonstrated all 3 catalyzing steps in the starch biosynthesis pathway have polyploidy-derived duplicated genes and one copy in each step forms a dominant pathway in the grain filling–stage rice.syntenic dotplots) and evolutionary distances (e.g. The images presented here represent our views right now, but are subject to change.Events that were previously undetected or missed can suddenly be seen with an improved build of a genome or the sequencing of a fortuitously placed outgroup.

We found a significant difference in expression divergence patterns for the three types of duplicated gene pairs.Polyploidy, which duplicates all genes in the genome, is an important source of biological innovation (Wendel 2000).In paleopolyploids, gene loss is the main fate of duplicated genes formed by whole-genome duplication (WGD).Identifying and characterizing plant paleopolyploidies is ongoing research.They are identified through whole genome comparisons using a combination of the data derived from genomic structure (e.g. As such, detecting these events and determining which lineages share what subset are continually changing.

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Such an event could either double the genome of a single species (autopolyploidy) or combine those of two species (allopolyploidy).

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