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As he headed off to the University of Iowa in 1994, Matt had high hopes for a successful collegiate wrestling career.

One night, he was on the couch watching and eating a bag of chips.

And that support and friendship turned to romance after he departed the ranch.

Not only did we enjoy watching them motivate each other through weight loss, but seeing Suzy cheer Matt on from the sidelines of his triathlon in the "Where Are They Now?

(He's pretty jacked now.) And Alexandra managed to take off 70 pounds, too.

We love them because despite being a total hardbody, Antoine didn't run out and find himself a model-like, gazelle creature; he instead opted for Alexandra, who still has a little (healthy) meat on her bones.

Some examples: "I want [physical education] back in schools.

She was embroiled in a flap earlier this year when she was quoted as saying she did not want to have children of her own because it would ruin her body.

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The show debuted on 13 February 2006, followed by a second season on 4 February 2007 which introduced Michelle Bridges, Shannan Ponton and Steve Willis. A fourth season, which features couples competing as teams, started airing on 1 February 2009.

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