Eclipse updating maven dependencies stuck

NOTE, : This post is now updated to use Chrome Driver instead of Firefox Driver, since current versions of Firefox seem to have issues when it comes to running these tests.

In this blog post I will demonstrate how to write and run a simple test using Selenium Web Driver. I chose , but other distributions should work fine, too.

This build process is different from the standard java Maven build process, specifically in how it handles dependencies. So back to my problem: I have a number of simple Java dependencies that I am using in my projects.

Well, Eclipse plugins (or more correctly OSGi projects) are built in Maven using a plugin called “Tycho”.

But hey, I’m a developer, and I should scratch my own itch, so why not develop a Maven plugin that does what I want? But after two weeks of work (by work I mean the only half hour available to me each day to work on this, excluding weekends) I found myself with a simple Maven plugin that is able to copy a file from here to there, but the learning curve is a steep. The Java only project is ), using plugin specific configuration to select the dependencies.

Maven was included by default in 10.8 and earlier, but is not included from 10.9 on.

The easiest way to install it is via homebrew: If you do not already have homebrew installed, see the homebrew website for instructions

I would love that framework vendors focus first on command-line integration with tools like Maven and Ant, and then provide IDE integration for a few popular environments, including Eclipse, Netbeans, and my personal choice, Intelli J IDEA.

This would reinforce competition between IDE vendors instead of killing it while considerably lowering the barrier to entry to their frameworks.

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