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The classic musical sees a pair of couples return to the now-decrepit theatre where they once performed in a revue.

Baranski will play Phyllis, the former showgirl – and, even though she is 62 years old, a double-Tony-Award-winner and a seasoned performer of Sondheim, Baranski is as daunted as a person could be.

After sowing a few remaining wild oats — see the entry on Ann-Margret — Elvis did tie the knot with Priscilla, in 1967.

That year, she says, marked the end of a trend: “The great parts for women were always on television, because there were not enough features for all the wonderful talent. ” The end of “Cybill” was rather traumatic for Shepherd (“one of the most stressful things in my life”) both professionally and personally, since the main character — a struggling middle-aged actress and single mother — was loosely based on her.

For years she viewed such extreme attitudes as part of the “bargain” she had “made with the devil”: “If I can only become rich and famous for doing what I love to do, I’ll accept the trade-off”. “There is a myth that is completely untrue about me being difficult to work with,” she says passionately.

“I don’t make unilateral decisions and I don’t have breakdowns; I’m wonderful, tremendously disciplined, loving and generous.

By Nicholas Kralev The Financial Times Magazine March 9, 2002 LOS ANGELES — Cybill Shepherd knows life like few other people do.

From early stardom in Hollywood to neglect and rejection, to marriage, divorce and single parenthood, her story is one of intense emotions and great controversies.

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