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The headstock as a "Paul Brett" logo and gold plated machine heads. The six string version sold for £229.90 and the 12 string for £247.80 in 1981.Secondhand values now are much higher (upwards of £700? The late 1970s and early 1980s was a time when some great guitars were coming out of Japan: Guitar magazine rated the Paul Brett model as one of Aria's best ever acoustic guitar models.The lawyers at Gibson started to get restless, and young guitar players like myself were also getting restless…I could not wait to go out and buy a UNIVOX Les Paul for 1/5th the price of the real thing!What exactly is a lawsuit guitar and why are they so popular?Definition: lawsuit guitars are high quality copies of popular American brand name guitars (like Fender and Gibson) produced by Japanese companies in the 1970s.The Aria Paul Brett guitars were the signature model of the 12 string legend Paul Brett.The design of these Japansese made dreadnoughts derives from Aria's popular AW30 model, with changes suggested by Brett himself.

The Fresher story begins back in 1973 when Fresher guitars were introduced by the Kyowa Company, Ltd., of Nagoya.

(Accession Date: May 27, 2009) Museum purchase with funds donated by Carol T.

Warning: At the bottom of this page is a listing of current Ebay auctions that claim to sell lawsuit guitars.

1) Companies outside North America vastly improved the quality of their guitar manufacturing and 2) Companies inside North America – namely Fender and Gibson – took their eye off the ball and did exactly the opposite.

By this time, many guitar manufacturers from the Far East had 10 years experience under their belts, and the improvement in quality began to shine through.

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