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Yet if you've fallen into the sticky trap of sleeping with someone too soon, even knowing that it's not in your best interest, you may have: of you have the same understanding about the nature of your relationship.But if you want a real, long-term and committed relationship, having sex too soon sends the wrong signal to the guys you date.Women often think they have a “type” they can’t go outside of: he must look like the guy in her dreams for the past 15 years or it’s a lost cause because he couldn’t when Danny Tanner broke up with a woman because her ear lobes were uneven.Judging based on physical attributes is an easy way to miss out on a girl or guy who could be a great match. Truth be told, in 50 years their hair color will have changed, they probably won’t go to the gym every day and their skin will have a wrinkle or eight.

Then, you spend the next few days leading up to (and including) Friday night waiting for his call.

Men and women are both guilty of judging relationships too soon and potentially missing out on that partner they so desire.

Physical attraction in a relationship is essential to passion; however, sometimes we take it a bit far.

Friday soon turns into Sunday and suddenly, you've spent your whole weekend next to the phone, eating ice cream straight from the tub, watching reruns of trashy sitcoms and staring forlornly at your pre-packed bag. If you find yourself typing the words, “You didn't text me back, so obviously you're dead,” you need to stop and relax.

Jumping in the sack too quickly might send the wrong message.

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There are early stages every couple must navigate before they reach what's deemed a “proper” relationship status.

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